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Inspiration, meaning and
accuracy to your strategy
and management.

Welcome to We.
Inspiration, meaning and
accuracy to your strategy
and management.

Leaders are visionaries

They successfully launch the kind of product or service that everyone wishes they had thought of sooner.
They increase their company's growth on markets
that were considered saturated.
They are able to recruit employees and keep them without transforming them into greedy mercenaries.
They create an attachment to their brand that extends well beyond the benefits it provides its customers
The success of today's and tomorrow's offers is built around visions that are inspired and shared by all stakeholders.
We Consulting helps management teams and task force leaders to build projects, programmes
or plans based on inspired and inspiring visions.



Help you to operate the powerful
lever of strategic coherence

The success of a strategy is linked to the ability
of integrating the tiny but vital connections
existing between an idea, people and a flag.
Treat them separately from the outset inevitably generates line losses.
Our missions involve in whole or in part your
strategy, its managerial impact and your brand.
We Consulting can help you to :
  • > Define or specify the Vision Mission Values
    statements of your company or project
  • > Explore new strategic development routes for
    your business
  • > Boost your relationship with investors
  • > Overhaul your company plan
  • > Reinvent your HR policy
  • > Redesign your marketing/communication strategy
  • > Increase the impact of your brand strategy
  • > Get the most of your partnership
  • > Achieve your internal transformation programmes
  • > Support spin-off with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Inspiration, meaning
and accuracy to your action

Activate the resonating effect specific to
the corporate concept.
> You have defined an exciting and promising
project mobilising the rare concentration
of talents and resources to which you belong.
You detect the sources of unexploited value.
> You have a clearer picture of the magma
of information and resources available to you,
which can be mobilised to your company's best advantage.
You give depth and perspective to your positioning.
> You share with all stakeholders a rather precise idea of the contribution that your brand makes
to their lifes.
You give your teams a shared reference base.
> You easily arbitrate the inevitable conflicts of interests or interpretation among your teams.
You help your teams to gain back the taste for building together.
> Sharing a vision promotes involvement by all and increases the desire and enjoyment in doing so.
You bring your company a far higher value than its free cash flow actualisation.
> You capitalise on mutual trust (internal and external) and on the acknowledgement of your brand leadership.

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From the concept to the concrete

Our savoir-faire takes the best out of the strategic coherence unifying the reflection (vision, mission, innovation), buy-in and action steps
The reality and the business environment of
your company are addressed in its entire history, economic, social and cultural dimensions.
Our support is naturally caring, enthusiastic and creative.
Our tools helps to decide, not to justify.
Our teams, fine-tuned to your needs, bring you the best of their complementary talents.
Our involvement from A to Z guarantees the actual implementation of your strategic vision and settles sustainable relays within your company.

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All different, all unique

Air France, Atlantic, Austin Kellas International,
Arval (BNPPARIBAS), American Express,
Agfa, Axa Corporate Solutions, Arching, Armor
Bic, BBGR (Essilor), Boehringer Ingelheim,
Banque BESV, Boulanger, Bureau Veritas
Crédit Agricole CIB, Condat, Cognac Bisquit,
Cogema, Crédit Agricole Assurances, Cetelem (BNPPARIBAS), Crédit du Nord, Cofely (Suez),
Corio, Croix Rouge Française
Danone, Dirickx, Doméo (HomeServe), Decathlon,
Dow Chemical, Ecoliers du Monde, Elida Gibbs,
Edf Gdf,
Essilor, Enfants du Mékong, Exide,
Estandon (Coopérative des Vins de Provence)
France Télécom, Freyssinet (Vinci), Géo, Guittet,
Guinness, Haworth, Henkel, Hertz, HPI, Interneto,
Insee, Isover, Kenzo (LVMH), Kronenbourg
Lapeyre, Laboratoires Servier, La Banque Postale, Lacoste, Lafarge, La Poste, Les Blouses Roses,
LFB (LVMH), Les Nouveaux Constructeurs, L’Oréal

Microsoft, Mattel, MCE5, Milibris, Minelli-Orcade
(Vivarte), M6, Michelin, Mouvement des APEL
OKI, Océ, Orange, Pechiney, Perstorp, Peugeot,
Procter & Gamble
Quick, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sellenium,
Saint Gobain, Rhône Poulenc-Rhodia, Schneider Electric, Sita (Suez Environnement), Sofitel, Simplesse-NutraSweet, Smurfit, Somfy, Sommer, Société des Bains de Mer
Tourisme de la Principauté de Monaco, Veolia Environnement, WanSquare

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